Here you can enjoy pitfalls I already stepped in

(say: where I made at least more than one part. May it be of use for the others following behind)


No. 1: W11-01 (Mainspar Lower Angle)

this part is more tricky than it looks at the first view.

Make sure you don't cut it too short. Total length = 585.8mm + 2.6mm (forgot this Q&%§ 2.6mm)

before you start marking/cutting find out where this line (red arrow) actually starts (or how this 45.4mm distance is measured).

How I checked it:


No. 2: Dimpled Rivet Holes

An 1/8" rivet hole drilled with a #30 drill bit and dimpled with a 'Avery Tools springback dimpling die' will expand by the dimpling process to about 3.5mm to 3.6mm. The maximum allowed hole diameter is 0.135" or 3.429mm. So this dimpled pieces are ready for the scrap container. Find a better way to do it (and please tell me when you found one).


 No. 3: Rear Spar Attach Plates

first pitfall: These attach plates ARE NOT identical in size (even that they look similar at the first glance)!

second pitfall: at lefthand rearspar attach plate is mounted INSIDE of the spar channel, at rightside attachplate is mounted at OUTSIDE of spar channel.


 No. 4: Polishing (June 29th, 2001)

The idea was to polish the large panels (e.g. aft fuse walls etc.) BEVORE they were riveted in place. The appealing idea behind: I could lay them flat on the table and work would be much more convenient (for us old fart's backbones). The Downside of this idea: The polishing compound moves into all (now open) rivet holes. Because this stuff is made for sanding purposes it would be not a good idea to have the stuff sanding down the rivets by the time, so I had to remove all the dirt before installing the rivets. Pipe cleaners work fine, but anyway it's ~a lot~ of extra work to clean hundreds of holes.

Another problem appears if you prime one side of the sheet and polish the other side. This (usually green) primer attracts the black polishing dirt and it's very hard to get it off (bathroom abrasive cleaning liquid works moderately).