I received the load analysis today (this has to be done to ANY experimental aircraft to be registered in Germany).

The calculated results have to be verified by static load tests (sandbags). The following load tests have to be executes for the Sonex:


1. wing load test, 956 kg per wing

2. elevator load test, 450 kg

3., 4. 5. fuselage bending and torsional tests, up to 450 kg

6. elevator test with locked stick, 90 kg and max. allowed deflection of 10 cm

7. aileron test with locked stick, 80 kg and max. allowed deflection of 11 cm

8. rudder test with locked pedals, 50 kg and max. allowed deflection of 10 cm

9. flap test with locked handle, 50 kg and 11 cm allowed deflection

10. control linkage test (pilot forces)

elevator controls 74 kg / 2 x 55 kg

aileron controls 30 kg / 2 x 22 kg

rudder controls 89 kg / 2 x 67 kg

11. engine mount test 354 kg

12. landing gear drop test from 30 cm height on a 15 deg. slope, 476 kg weight


If the airplane is not scrap metal after this, then I can go flying :) *1


*1 annotation: go flying to verify that airplane does not produce more noise than average office talk (61 dB(a)), otherwise aircraft operation will be extremely restricted. After taking the noise hurdle then flight tests have to be performed within complete performance envelope. Then a standard operating manual has to be written and confirmed by aviation authorities. Then and only then it's time for the $100 hamburger.